Venusense Intrusion Detection and Management System (IDS), a security product independently developed by Venustech, is used for detecting intrusions. By quantification and positioning of threats from external and internal networks as well as performance assessment of the network security system, it provides customers with targeted guidelines and facilitates their decision-making in security areas. Committed to create value through “total detection and effective delivery”, Venusense IDS adopts new generation of intrusion detecting technologies with various analysis methods and high performance hardware platform optimized in terms of security. Based on user-defined strategies, it achieves total detection of the network through accurate analysis and reporting current abnormities and attacks in the network. With real-time alarms and various types of reports, it effectively delivers practical security recommendations to users for improving their security measures.
 ●Total detection
- Total information collection: Venusense IDS supports multi-tiered and distributed deployment for unified distribution of strategies and centralized collection of information.
- Total analysis of protocols: Venusense IDS supports auto recognition of protocols and protocol plug-in technology for accurate identification of protocols for extraordinary ports and new types of protocols.
- Total detection mechanism: Venusense IDS supports detecting approaches based on characteristics and principles for extending scope of detection while ensuring detection accuracy.
- Total analysis of events: with a leading follow-up supporting system in the industry, Venustech guarantees rapid and accurate response to new types of events.
- Total detection scope: Venusense IDS can detect many abnormities, such as network intrusion, network non-compliances, and abnormal traffic flow.
- Total detection performance: Venusense IDS adopts least-time algorithm for ensuring detection performance even under high data load in the network.
● Effective delivery
- Accurate alarm information: Venusense IDS can re-match attacks identified with environmental information stored with integrated environmental fingerprint technology. Alarm information confirmed as “helpful” is delivered separately for reducing consumption in user’s analysis process.
- Delivery of detailed information: Venusense IDS includes in its alarm information not only both parties’ address of event, its protocols, but also detailed description of the event, the information of vulnerabilities, recommendations for fixing, and the systems affected, delivering the most detailed event information to users.
- Positioning of threat address: Venusense IDS displays alarm with actual geographic topology information. Under large scale deployment, combination of equipment topology and geographic topology ensures threats be identified intuitively and rapidly.
- Extensive reports: Venusense IDS provides reports based on time, address, events, and other important parameters. In comparison with history analysis data, these reports can clearly demonstrate development trend in security building, facilitating the evaluation of network security building.

Venustech has maintained the largest market share for consecutively 6 years in IDS market. Such success ensures that Venustech can commit a stable input in developing IDS products. Tiantian IDS in turn becomes users’ most preferred brand.

With its largest user base in the industry, Venustech’s effective service mechanism ensures that the products can be used efficiently and security threats information can be obtained continuously, providing users with a most comprehensive threat detecting event library updated in time.
Venustech is the only professional IDS vendor authorized to view Microsoft’s source code, one of the security partners of Microsoft MAPP program, and chief partner of CNCERT. It has China’s first postdoctoral program for information security and the strongest vulnerabilities discovery team – ADLAB. These supports ensure that intrusion detection can take advantage of state-of-the-art technologies.

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