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1. Middle and small-scale enterprises  testtestsetsetset

Most middle and small-scale enterprises with nationwide branches interconnect and intercommunicate between headquarters and branches via the Internet.

Figure 1 Network Topology in Middle and Small Enterprise

The UTM gateway enables the middle and small-scale enterprises to establish own secure infrastructures based on the uniform architecture and can fully solve the problems such as the security product collaboration, scarcity and lack of capital, technology and security solutions for small and medium-level enterprise and other issues can be fully resolved.

The UTM is deployed at the Internet outbound of the headquarters and branches and enables FW, AV and IPS function to completely prevent against the virus and attack threats from Internet. As the VPN gateway, the branches and headquarters can enable VPN tunnel between each other to guarantee communication confidentiality. SOHO staff and traveling staff can establish VPN tunnel with the Venusense UTM at the headquarters via the VPN client, access the resources inside the company and realize efficient secure network applications.

2. Large enterprises

The large-scale enterprises have a larger network with many users and business systems. The network is similar to the MAN. Multiple sites require security. Besides the security prevention at the network perimeter of the headquarters, the affiliated organizations also require security protection.

Figure 2 Network in Large Enterprise Network

Venusense UTM deployed at the headquarter Internet outbound can prevent against the intrusion and attacks from the Internet, provide VPN access service to the traveling staff and guarantee confidential communication.

The UTM gateway at the organization network border can effectively control the illegal access between different departments and can prevent the viruses from explosion inside the intranet in a large scale network.