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1. Campus Network

Generally the outbound of the campus network is connected to multiple ISP and CERNET.

The UTM gateway is deployed at the campus network outbound to prevent against threat from the Internet, protect the servers in DMZ area from being attacked and avoid the attacks on the important servers in the campus from the student. The UTM gateway also enables the policy routing function. The network traffic is processed differently. The higher bandwidth occupancy rate frequently puzzles administrator. Venusense UTM can provide a complete bandwidth management solution. Venusense UTM can summarize the outbound traffic, analyze the bandwidth use trend, restrict and block the P2P traffic with a higher bandwidth and fully utilize the bandwidth via the NetFlow function.

The sites such as the student dormitories, libraries and teaching buildings are connected to Venusense UTM via the interface of the campus network center to prevent the worms from spreading in the whole campus. Venusense UTM can also filter the webpage contents to prevent students from accessing bad websites.


                                 Figure 1 Network Topology in Campus

2.  Middle/Foundational Education MAN

In the middle/foundational education market  two modes can be used to connect Internet. One mode is to connect Internet via ISP. Another mode is to connect Internet via the education MAN.

For the former mode, generally a UTM gateway is deployed at the network exit to prevent against the attacks and viruses from the Internet and filter the Web contents to prevent students from accessing bad websites.

For the later method, the UTM gateway can be deployed at the Internet outbound of the region education committee to prevent against threats from the Internet. The gateway can unifiedly manage the Internet access traffic of the managed schools and can filter the traffic to the bad websites.

Figure 2 Network in Middle/foundational education