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• 1996.6.24 Founded in Beijing

• 1997.1 Established R&D center

• 1999 Released the 1st Chinese series publication and training on information security

• 1999 Established Active Defense Lab, which focus on the research of anti-intrusion technology as well as vulnerabilities of all kinds of OS and applications-the 1st of its kind in China

• 2000.1 President Jiang Zemin and other government officials, Li Lanqing. Zeng Qinghong, came to inspect Venus

• 2000.3 Launched the flagship product, Venusense Intrusion Detection System, the 1st hardware IDS in the world

• 2000.11 Established the 1st in-house Post-doctoral Station on Network Security in China

• 2001 Joined CVE (Common Vulnerability and Exposure) and CSI (Computer Security Institute). So far, has exposed independently 74 famous security vulnerabilities recorded by CVE

• 2002.10 Got Security Service Certificate granted by China Information Technology Security Certification Center- the 1st winner of this certificate

• 2003.1 President Hu Jintao interviewed Dr. Jane Yan,CEO of Venus

• 2003.9 Released Venusense Distributed Vulnerability Scanning and Assessment System, filled the gap in the market

• 2003.12 Released Venusense Network Security Auditing System

• 2004.3 Acquired the “ISO9001:2000 quality management system”

• 2005.6 Completed the transition from security vendor mainly based on intrusion detection products and security services to comprehensive security products and professional services provider including full-line security products, trusted management platform and M2S services.

• 2005.7 Released the 1st UTM products with the independent intellectual property rights

• 2006 Rated by Forbes magazine as “one of top 100 most promising Chinese companies”

• 2006.7 Was awarded “Key National Torch Plan Enterprises”

• 2006.12 Became the “Certificate of Conformity of Quality System Certification of Military Product Supplier”

• 2007.5 Released the new generation Venusense UTM products with complete intellectual property rights

• 2007.6 Was admitted to be state-level response service provider with the TOP 1 ranking

• 2008.5 Dr. Jan Yan, CEO of Venustech got the “China Youth Wusi Outstanding Achievement Medal”

• 2008.7 Released the services for remote web security check

• 2008.9 Fulfilled the information security assurance task for the 29th Beijing Olympic Games as the core solution provider

• 2009.5 Completed the hardware platform transit from X86 to Multi-Core with higher than 10G performance, became the Top-level hardware Provider with Cisco,Huawei

• 2009.11 In China Mobile global open tender project for network security, Venusense was appointed to be the high-level gateway product supplier, together with Juniper, Checkpoint;

• 2010.2 In China State Grid information security products project, Venusense become the appointed UTM provider;

• 2010.4 Undertook the information security assurance task for Shanghai World Expo;

• 2010.6 Launched IPO in Shenzhen Stock Exchange